6. About me: For the record

In 1992 for some reason, I  became disciplined in keeping a journal on a regular basis. Additionally, I have for the past five years also kept a “10 year diary”, where each page is one day of the year, containing three lines per year to briefly summarise each day. Since then I have come to the humble realisation that something unique happens that sets each day apart from the rest. Intuitively, I wanted to know what my life had been like earlier years, specifically on January 31st (when I had a seizure and was rushed to hospital), February 5th (had brain surgery) and February 15th (got the cytology results back confirming I need further treatment).

The Queen's Tower


January 31, 2007 (Seizured and was diagnosed with a cerebral tumour)

2006: I was experiencing one of the happiest times in my life whilst on my seven month maternity leave. I was on one of my endless number of walks pushing the pram through the snow/slush together with another Mom and her daughter. We stopped by our favourite “fika” place – the Fisher’s Creek Café or as it is better known locally “Fiskebäckscafét”. This is a café like very few and employs a group of six or seven people who are mentally challenged. To go off on a tangent, if you don’t enjoy your current job you should really make a trip to the street ”Fiskebäcks Hamn” (Lat: N 57º 38′ 45.7″/Long: E 11º 51′ 34.59″) and be inspired by people who are truly passionate about their job. Additionally, you can order wicked shrimp sandwiches. The café is idyllically located right by the sea where the fishing boats come in to the sound of seagulls calling and you have, regardless of weather, the exclusive option of sitting outside (blankets provided).


2002: I was halfway through my MSc year (Biochemical Research) performing gene expressions in a Biophysics lab at Imperial College in fabulous London. My life then was quite a contrast from above but they were happy days as well and I learned a heck of a lot.


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  Jane wrote @

In response to your journal/ blog – I feel tremendously humbled and stunned really to know what is going on in your life. I feel honoured that you share with us – your friends and family – and want to assure you that your privacy and vulnerability in doing is in no way taken lightly. Amongst my prayers for you, your husband and your son I also pray that God uses your testimony to challenge us all to the reality that we need faith in a Creator God who loves us enough to lay down His life for us, and that we all need a relationship with Him. God make this relationship a reality in our lives as we walk through such difficult and ‘impossible to understand times’.

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