8. About me: Babbling in Swedish/English

February 15, 2007 (Cytology results stating I need further treatment)

1954: My mother is born and grows up in the house my family and I are now living in. We have for the past couple of years gone out for meals for her birthday. However, this year (2007) we had shrimp, freshly baked baguette, lemon mayonnaise and a nice white wine (great food for a first date) at my parent’s house, which happens to be right next door to ours. I regret to say I forgot to flag this year. When my husband and I bought my Grandparents’ house two years ago it came with a beautiful wooden flagpole, which had been carefully tended by my grandfather. To think of it, I should really start flagging more often. I just have to remember to take the flag down by sunset or at the latest by 9 pm. If you find Swedish flag rules as interesting as I do, click here for more details (in Swedish).

Considering what I just wrote above (“in Swedish”) here’s something for you to comment on below. There is a great tool on the Internet called Babbelfish where you can translate blocks of text or Web pages from English, French, Chinese etc. into various languages and vice versa and you can generally understand the message. However, Babbelfish does not include the most important language of all, namely Swedish, which I don’t understand. Chinese and English but not Swedish? Does anyone know of a similar tool where you can translate from Swedish (”Svenska”) to English (”Engelska”)? The closest I’ve come is an online Lexikon (Dictionary) by “Språkrådet”. However, as far as I can tell, you can only translate specific words and not blocks of text.

February 28th, 2007



  Olga Colling wrote @

Hi.you may not remember me but as Janes Mum I have had your news passed on for my prayers. Thankyou for being brave enough to let us share your experience and may God bless you as you look to Him for the way ahead. Olga

  Sandra Rundqvist wrote @

I am English. Married to a Swede and have lived in Sweden for 20 years. I am Christian. My husband is agnostic but I’m praying for him! He has spoken about being an organ doner for years but has never registered. I have been confused in this issue. Your “link” to the OrganDonor.gov website made me make up my mind…i.e., to be a donor. Hand on heart: I promise you that both my husband and I will be registered as donors by Sunday at the latest. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your faith, your purpose and your openness. You will be in my prayers. God bless you. Your sister in Christ. Sandra

  Kristina Wikander wrote @

try http://www.systransoft.com if you want to translate webpages or parts of webpages into Swedish. It’s not perfect (no machine tranlsation tools are) but helpful. If you’re idle some day you can try to translate back and forth into several languages and you’ll have a laugh!
I’ve been registered as organ donor for many years and now I’m even more convinced than ever about it being the right thing!
I miss you in the Toastmasters’ club!

  skablifrisk wrote @

Thank you Kristina! I guess it takes a professional translator to know these things.
Hope to see you at Toastmasters soon as well. I am not at a loss for speech ideas, that’s for sure.

  Annika – Kanada wrote @

Wow! I’m very impressed. You write beautifully. I’ll admit I grew cold when mom and dad told me about your diagnosis. I might not subscribe to an organized religious doctrine, but that does not mean one is not spiritual. So my thoughts and “prayers” are with you and the rest of the family.
P.S I’ve been and organ donnor since I was old enough to sign the back of my drivers licence.

  Maureen Longo wrote @

Thank you for posting this website. It is excellent and articulate. And may well help many understand what someone in this situation is going through. I am a friend of Per and Lehna’s and all our Christian Life group is praying for you here in the US. Keep on amazing us with your faith, recovery and insights to your condition. We send our love and God’s blessing for continued healing.

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