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Strawberry Fields Forever

Sometimes I read back at what I’ve written and can’t understand how I was never at loss for words. I guess I permitted myself to let it all out, to just explode as if it was my last breath of air. Watching the second half of the movie,
Last Holiday, reminded me of how it was. Some days I just seem to forget all too quickly about being brave, nice, having nothing to lose i.e. risking more, not feeling guilty, in other words, LIVING TIME.

“Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see.”
John Lennon, Strawberry Fields

I was reminded of life’s (and technology’s) wonders as I opened an attached file in an email from Canada. It was a scanned picture that I had drawn at about age seven. It was from a former colleague of my father, who made the most amazing strawberry jam. I can still remember how good it was, juicy and rich with flavour, and best of all, home-made.


Survival Statistics

Statistics are great. We can base our lives on statistics to feel safer, healthier, smarter, cooler, you name it. Take this blog for example, I can see what links are more favourable to click on compared to others strewn around this site.

Heaven or Hell? [2]

For some time now, and Anmälan till donationsregistret have been all the way up there, which I’ve gathered has meant that all you people reading this are getting your names signed up, stating whether or not you are willing to donate your organs. It’s the only thing I’ve ever asked for throughout all this. Statistically, if more of us sign up, we all have a greater chance of surviving.