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Keyword: “I feel”

The song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” keeps being played. What is it about a song that is so soothing? I turned on the TV yesterday morning and there she was, Judy Garland, black and white.

Here’s some good news. I start work on Friday. I can’t get away from the fact that my work is a big part of who I am. I’ve missed that part of me during these past 12 months. Interestingly, I will start the day after my one year “anniversary” of getting the t u m o u r diagnosis. I still hate uttering the word cancer, even though it’s my astrological sign, with the keyword “I feel”. What star sign wouldn’t feel struck?

My family


Mix of Blue and Red

I picked up a poetry book today by Iréne Alomar. The cover reminded me of the beams of light that I “saw” flashing during my radiation treatment, “Blue-Violet” (75% / 25% mix of Blue and Red). Then I read the title, “The Turning Point”

The Turning Point - Front Cover

The lady in the health shop said it was written by a local woman who, in addition, had published it herself.

Browsing the introduction I was hit by words such as “change of winds”, “mountains”, “borders” and “inner journey”…

I love it when people surprise me. Looks can deceive… Below are soundbites of above mentioned author and a video that made me grin (just like Connie).

A little reminder.

Be very careful,

be very aware,
when you walk,

you may step on
a rare and tender flower…

Turning Leaf

When my husband and I go to New York we love drinking Turning Leaf. I’m reminded of this as we move into the new year. I have for a while been saying that I am looking forward to turning the page and starting on a fresh new leaf of paper. I remember having similar thoughts when 2007 was on the chew.

Ironically, when gazing forward and looking back, life is awesome. As for new year resolutions, they still stand:

Seek first to understand
Have faith!