The question that has followed most conversations I’ve had when discussing my “miraculous” recovery is whether I am back at work. My neurologist has said that I should remain on sick-leave until the end of January. I thought at first he was a bit over-doing it. On one hand, I feel good apart from bouts of tiredness. On the other hand, I think I’m going to let him decide this one for me.

Although I have a piece of paper stating that I’m in the clear for now, I find it a bit hard to believe at times. I still feel like a kid not being allowed to drive the car, I still have to pop anti-epileptics every day, I still think about my near death experience every day, I go to therapy and I seek more of it around me, every day.

I’ve been preparing a speech for a Toastmaster breakfast meeting tomorrow and decided in the end to bail out. It’s one thing to bail out of a speech but I’m not about to go and bail out on my family, work, friends…

I’m convinced that I will get back into the ropes of the “real world”. I’m probably going to miss the time I’ve had to pursue new areas of study, pondering over life, death and the meaning of life. Speaking of study, there are so many ways of going about it these days:

VideoJug: How To Be The Perfect Girlfriend

VideoJug: How To Eat Sushi

VideoJug: How To Kiss Someone Passionately

VideoJug: How To Build And Light A Fire



  Mike wrote @

Dear Maria,

Don’t miss the time you’ve spent investigating ‘new areas of study’, life/death and the meaning of it all … – you’ll carry it through with you into the ‘real world’ and it will shape your real world in a very positive way.



P.S. http://www.just-a-minute.org/

  Mimmi wrote @

Dear friend.

I couldn’t agree more with the previous
writers comment.

he’s right.

Love Mimmi

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