Dancer Turning (Anti) Clockwise

Australia’s biggest selling daily newspaper, the Herald Sun, had a Left v.s. Right Brain Test on October 9th.

Supposedly most people see the dancer turning anti-clockwise. I first thought that was “fantasy based”, people must be nuts. It has to be an Australian thing- everything is the other way round in the south hemisphere e.g. the moon hanging up-side-down, whirlpools going the other direction. However, when I started reading the “Right brain function list”, I saw in the corner of my eye that she had started turning the other way…



  Anna Berts wrote @

Hej Maria!
Jag tycker det är en velig dansare. Hon byter håll hela tiden 🙂

Vad roligt att läsa sådana goda nyheter om sjukdomen. Jag glädjs verkligen med dig och familjen! Hoppas att ni får tid att njuta nu och möjlighet att använda den senaste tidens erfarenheter till något positivt när ni återinträder in i “ekorrhjulet”. Hoppas att vi ses snart!

Kram från Anna Berts

  Talia wrote @

Whaaaaa? I’m so confused, Maria! Help Me!! I could ONLY see her going anti-clockwise! But then I re-read your post and when I thought about the parts of me that I think fit the left brain list, then she switched!! And not only did she switch direction, she switched her leading hand and foot (!) meaning when she appears to turn to the right, it’s her right arm and leg which appear to be raised, and when she appears to be turning to the left, it appears to be her left arm and leg that are raised! How!?!

And that took me quite a long time to figure out, too, because I can’t really tell left from right.

I have to stop looking at that thing.

But, please, I want to know what else you know about this!?!?

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