Facebook ‘costs businesses dear’

According to the BBC and a bunch of other sites if you have a look around, Facebook is making its mark on the world, by costing money []. How is that possible?

I have a dentist appointment in about an hour. I like going every year to check my teeth. An issue that has come up recently is whether I should get my teeth X-rayed. As I have supposedly been exposed to “max dose” during my radiotherapy, I’m wondering how smart it is to get my teeth X-rayed. Perhaps there is no big deal. I also read that flying also involves radiation. If you think about it, using the mobile phone, the clock radio on my bedside table… you can go nuts just thinking about it. I remember hearing the following when I was a kid:

“Live life, but don’t let life live you”.


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  Talia wrote @

I’ll be thinking about you all day today, dear one. I’m sending love,

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