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I’m glad to be back in the proper world of the reading again. I don’t think journalists and newspapers should worry too much about people only wanting to read their articles online. With a choice, I wouldn’t substitute a newspaper for the laptop just as little as filter coffee for instant. The (recycable) DN newspaper and (fair trade) coffee contribute to my QoL, just like Marlo Morgan’s book Mutant Message Down Under (Budskap från andra sidan).

Born empty handed,
Die empty handed.
I witnessed life at its fullest,
Empty handed.

I can’t agree more.


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  Talia wrote @

Wow! I was just thinking about that book the other day. I read it a few years back, and now I have no idea where it came from or where it went. And I don’t remember talking to anyone else who has read it. But it is a piece of prose that has absolutely stuck in my mind. Some of the incredible imagery from that tale is still with me, coming to me unbidden from time to time (especially after using soap in the shower, for instance). I hope you enjoy it! I’d love to chat with you about it when you’re done. I also have other books I have read recently I could recommend if you’re feeling up for additional thought provoking reads…


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