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Worlds Apart?

The CT scan went “well” in the sense that Zaman and I got there on time (after desperately trying to find a parking space), I didn’t faint when they inserted the intravenous cannula and the contrast was injected with success (without too much discomfort or burning sensations in bizarre areas of the body).

All set, the machine ignites and starts whispering. I close my eyes, dreaming that I am standing on the small soccer field behind our house, gazing up at the surrounding birch trees in the sun and listening to one of my favourite symphonies: rustling of leaves and the chirping blackbird.

My birch trees



Facebook ‘costs businesses dear’

According to the BBC and a bunch of other sites if you have a look around, Facebook is making its mark on the world, by costing money []. How is that possible?

I have a dentist appointment in about an hour. I like going every year to check my teeth. An issue that has come up recently is whether I should get my teeth X-rayed. As I have supposedly been exposed to “max dose” during my radiotherapy, I’m wondering how smart it is to get my teeth X-rayed. Perhaps there is no big deal. I also read that flying also involves radiation. If you think about it, using the mobile phone, the clock radio on my bedside table… you can go nuts just thinking about it. I remember hearing the following when I was a kid:

“Live life, but don’t let life live you”.

11° C – Mostly Cloudy

“11° C – Mostly Cloudy” is the current weather in Gothenburg, if you trust the Internet.
Tonight it will supposedly rain. Tomorrow we’ll have fog and on Friday, rain. Oh, but on Saturday there will be LIGHT rain. I wonder what Sunday has in store, and the week after that. I know that on the 26th I get contrast injected into my blood stream, come sun or rain. On October 1st, my Neurologist will tell me how my brain lit up. That will be a good day, I hope.

The power of imagination makes us infinite. – John Muir

Gothenburg to Stockholm and back

In my city (Gothenburg) you’re not really allowed to admit that you like the Swedish capital, Stockholm. I admit that I do for most parts. There’s a pulse that I can sometimes miss here, a buzz.  I’m taking the train today and  won’t be back until Sunday morning. In the process, I’m bringing back an old friend who I haven’t seen since Zaman and I took the OTIS elevator up the World Trade Centre in New York year 2000. Meeting up with old friends is always exciting.

“I like life. It’s something to do.”

I’ve been on the internet again browsing what’s out there on oligoastrocytomas. Reading about Grade II keeps me optimistic, whilst articles on Grade III are harsh. I’m in the grey, as usual.

The Net

I also read other people’s stories and many of them are similar to my own expieriences. The worst are when I get to the end where the spouse or parent has had to finish the diary. For example, “Det här är slutet på ett liv och början på ett annat.” Translation: This is the end of one life and the beginning of another.

However, I found a new (Swedish) homepage about people who have “survived” brain tumours- Tumöröverlevare. Ironically, it’s a bit like hearing/reading about womens’ experiences of giving birth- every story is different. I also found it interesting that, like myself, many were diagnosed during the winter half of the year.

“I like life. It’s something to do.”
“My doctor gave me two weeks to live. I hope they’re in August.”
(Ronnie Shakes)

Mutant Book Club

I’m glad to be back in the proper world of the reading again. I don’t think journalists and newspapers should worry too much about people only wanting to read their articles online. With a choice, I wouldn’t substitute a newspaper for the laptop just as little as filter coffee for instant. The (recycable) DN newspaper and (fair trade) coffee contribute to my QoL, just like Marlo Morgan’s book Mutant Message Down Under (Budskap från andra sidan).

Born empty handed,
Die empty handed.
I witnessed life at its fullest,
Empty handed.

I can’t agree more.