Live Every Breath of Life

Ralph Lundqvist Slottskogen

I’ve wanted for some time now to get the date set for my CT scan. It’s my ticket out of this bubble and back into the world of the living. I didn’t think waiting for the date would affect me as much as it has. I can’t feel joy at the moment, yet I keep trying to remind myself to live every breath of life.

When I get into a morbid state of mind, I try to remember what I learned during my Catholic/Protestant/Buddhist retreat before the summer: When you breathe in, imagine that you inspire what’s good in life (happiness, fulfillment, love) and when you expire you breathe out gloom and forlornness.

You know what? Getting that phone call from hospital just now offered me relief and a sense of calm and the conversation was too long for me to hold my breath. I have a few things planned for September, seeing old friends and even making a trip to Stockholm. When I heard that the scan was set for September 26th at 10 am I breathed out and thought, “perfect, I’m not double-booked”.
The photo is taken in Slottskogen, the equivalent of Central Park here in Gothenburg. The sculpture is by Ralph Lundqvist, and it’s one of my favorite. It’s good to have it so close by.



  Werner Wildfang wrote @

Hi Maria, we all keep our fingers crossed for your CT scan. It is good to know you got a date set – enjoy the late summer days in September!
Kram Werner

  livetsegentligheter wrote @

Kraaam tänker ofta på dig! HAr varit under ytan ett tag…hoppas vi ka ses snart..Kram Sofia

  Talia wrote @

Oh Wow. I can’t believe it’s here. Sending you love and strength to the whole family!!!

Amour et Bisous,

  Lena wrote @

This is good news! I think about you every day and send you my thoughts, love and energy.
Feeling blessed is a powerful feeling and it will keep you through this.

Just breathe in……. and out.


  skablifrisk wrote @

Thanks guys.

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