Going psychic

As if seeing a psycho-therapist is not enough… The other week I received an express referral to see a neuro-psychiatrist (the latter is a medical doctor) . If you are in the business of sending referrals to patients, think about writing a sentence or two explaining WHY you’re calling them in, especially if it’s going in the express mail.

Emergency Exit

To think of it, I didn’t even know whether to wear fancy underwear, or not. I’ve heard that some elderly won’t leave home without wearing their finest undergarments, just in case they have to go into hospital. My husband said that you rarely have to take your clothes off in the area of psychology (a reminder to all you junior doctors out there trying to figure out what to specialise in).

Neuropsychiatry wasn’t too bad. The guy was actually nice and seemed interested to hear what I had to say. He apologised for the referral being sent express and mumbled something about vacation and delayed schedules. No problem, I thought. So why was I there? I thought it was to set some sort of “neurological baseline” or prepare me for my CT scan in September in case it turns out to be bad news. Nope, my neurologist had expressed worries of personality change! 

In my opinion and looking back, my personality was without doubt the most changed during my 30 rounds of radiation therapy. I was speeded beyond belief and I couldn’t stop rambling or moving about. Luckily I didn’t do anything too embarrassing and I was (am) surrounded by great people.

He took notes during the Q&A and filled in a chart with zeros (0) and ones (1). Anytime I seemed uncertain or answered “yes”, I got a 1. For example, yes, I am sleeping more, yes, I’ve got six books going at the same time and, yes, that is unusual for Maria. On the bright side, I haven’t given any of them up yet. The most impressive one is still Where Have All the Leaders Gone?. My other favorite is The Jesus Mystery. It’s very convincing and enthralling; however, when it comes around it all burns down to faith. I wouldn’t want to be without my Christian faith at this time.

I did score A+ on memorisation, though. He gave me 30 seconds to memorise 12 pictures. I could recite all 12/12 pictures afterwards and 11/12 when asked again 30 minutes later. That damned spoon!

SPOON, gloves, candle, heart, house, tree, saw, cigarette, basket, bottle…

Ten out of 12, four days later. Sugar!


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