Jesus A Mystery?

My thoughts have these past six months turned more and more towards religion. Either I have been away from work for too long or I am allowing myself to plunge into what will eventually save me in the end. For those were my last thoughts on the operating table: I have reconciled with (forgiven) Jesus and that I have no regrets. All the people I was looking forward to reuniting with were also going through my mind. Even people who I’d never even met. Oh, and my dog, Moa.

Astonishing Clues to the True Identities of Jesus and PaulVad hände på vägen till Damaskus?

A friend of mine, Karin, gave me books for my birthday. I started to read one of these up at the summer house and it caught me. The book’s originally in Swedish and called Vad hände på vägen till Damaskus?: på spaning efter den verklige Jesus från Nasaret (The Jesus Mystery) by Lena Einhorn.

“The Jesus Mystery” explores what may have happened if Jesus did not die on the cross. Noting discrepancies between the historical record and traditional New Testament chronologies, it reinterprets early Christian history giving to show that Jesus may have had a radically different – and direct – role in the spread of Christianity throughout the world. Reading “The Jesus Mystery” as the author builds the evidence is as thrilling as reading a mystery. The author’s theory is entirely supportable through scriptural reading and historical references; it’s also profoundly credible psychologically¨.

Basically, that means Paul and Jesus would be the same person. I’m only into the second chapter and hence brushing up on my background knowledge. I’m not sure yet how pertinent it is that the author is Jewish.

I have been focusing on understanding Islam and Christianity as of late that it is time to let some Judaism in here. It would only be fair. I also like the fact that Lena Einhorn is a medical doctor within the fields of tumour biology and virology. Not only is that close to home, but I like the fact that I’m reading a book by a Jewish doctor telling me her version of Jesus. Oh, and that she is brave and willing to conquer various fields around her, other than medicine.


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