Deathly Hallows

If you haven’t heard, Harry Potter’s coming out of the closet again at midnight on Friday. With all the “heavy” books going on (and me complaining that I’m not reading as much), perhaps I should make my way down to the bookstore and get a copy.


My husband just finished reading one of them this weekend – the Order of the Phoenix. Now we can go and see the movie. I have so far found the movies boring, though.

Why do I like Harry Potter? Perhaps for the same reason that I like Robbie Williams. NOSTALGIA: sitting on the Tube going back and forward between East Finchley and South Kensington every day for twelve months. If it wasn’t The Economist, it was Harry Potter. It was Maria and the pin-striped suits sitting side-by-side reading about riding broomsticks.

So, what’s the deal? Dreaming about achieving the impossible or just passing time?


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