Father-Daughter Trip

My father and I drove out to the island of Hönö this evening. This week 28 is none other than Hönökonferensen, a Christian conference, which is TRADITION to attend if you are “frireligös” i.e. part of the free church movement in Sweden, which my family is. Unlike the Toastmasters Conference that took place in one of Gothenburg’s fanciest hotels, this conference is situated in a circus-like tent, where people cram themselves in to listen to inspirational evangelical pastors from near and far. We didn’t get a seat for we missed the ferry by 30 seconds. It just wasn’t our tur, I guess you can say (tur in Swedish means “boat trip” as well as “luck”).

Going off on a tangent, since my illness, I find every day amazing. The grass has never been greener as it is in my life today. I had a beautiful birthday yesterday with family, neighbours, colleagues etc. We all had to cram into our “small” house as the weather had seen better days. Zaman had made smörgåstårta i.e “sandwich cake” (another word for the English dictionary?) and my wonderful mother had baked a delicious rice crispy and strawberry cake which she served in their house. Thanks everyone for a perfect day.

Getting back on track, this one father-daughter trip to Hönö was not for me to attend a religious service. I love spending time with my Dad and always have. That goes for my entire family. In addition I was introduced to two new and interesting people who don’t know me, but I sure got a glimpse of them. The speaker for the evening was Patrick F who spoke of recovering after the tsunami in Thailand two years ago. He loved and hated God all at once and I could relate to that sentiment. However, I’ve never hated God, just wonder what he has in store for me next.

The second person was Lena Nevander-Friström and this brings me back to tur again. Dad and I had planned our ferry trip back to the main land so that we would be in time for the 11:10 p.m departure. We would hence have enough time to have a pleasant fika with friends in their boat beforehand. However, when we arrived at the ferry terminal it said “Next ferry 11:40 p.m”. WHAT? We were sure that we had read the timetable correctly plus there were other cars waiting as well.

As part of our 30 minute wait ahead, we turned on the radio – P1 (the “boring” channel that I love). They were playing “Ten years together” by Peter Paul Mary, which we both like so we kept listening and then a woman, Lena, started to speak. Suddenly the ferry sign outside lit up flashing “EXTRA TUR“, whilst Lena said something very wise:

We live now and then we’re dead for a very long time.

Think about that.

Lena Nevander Friström. Foto: Sune Fridell/ Natur och kultur.


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