A Hermit’s Life

I’m a blank. How is it possible to sleep ten hours per night and still feel tired? Have I moaned enough about this to you yet? I have less pencilled in my diary I see. Today? Preparing for a birthday bash on Wednesday and fika with a colleague who has chickens in her garden (no, she doesn’t live in the country-side). I would love to have hens pecking away where we live. Think of all those yummy eggs and not to mention, perfect fertilization! I seem to be alone with having these thoughts when I tried venting the idea.

Sleeping til’ noon, dreaming about a chicken coop, even I am going into vacation mode for today is my husband’s final day at work and Elton’s last seven hours at day-care. From 4 pm today we are free to go into the Swedish wild and live like hermits for six weeks. Couldn’t I just bring the chickens with me? We have to live on something.



  Zaman wrote @

Good to know that we don’t eat kosher or halal food but have parts of the family supplying the meat – in a, hopefully, less painful way.

How can any religion motivate inflicting pain on other creatures when there are alternatives?

BTW vegetables have feelings as well so that carrot you ate; Yes, it has been murdered!

  skablifrisk wrote @

Notting Hill I should add so that we don’t get confused. Your comment was in the spam box btw. I wondered where it had gone…

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