Game Over?

WordPress has a 100 list of growing blogs and The Long Goodbye is No. 3 (and is a good read if your interested in US politics). I don’t know what it means to be on there at No. 93 when supposedly there are 1,135,820 blogs on WordPress. I suppose 1,135,720 of these must either be idle, or someone’s doing a lot of clicking to see “Hannibal-like” pictures from my surgery (I don’t think anything was consumed, though).

>>> WARNING: Here Be Spoilers <<<

  • SPOILER: Ray Liotta actually ate dark chicken meat during the “brain-eating scene”.
  • SPOILER: A special animatronic puppet of Ray Liotta was used for some parts of the brain-eating scene. Liotta himself has said that he’s not sure exactly which shots are actually him or the puppet.

If you want to feel really scared, watch below… (you have been warned):


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