Listening To A Cricket

“An Indien woman went to visit a good friend in New York one day. They walked along the shopping streets of Manhattan, in the midst of the hectic city pulse. The noise from car horns and street vendors was mixed with sounds from people crowding the streets.Suddenly the Indien woman stopped and exclaimed, “I hear a cricket!” The friend laughed slightly and explained that it was not possible to hear a cricket with all the noise, but the woman persisted.

“I can hear a cricket very close by”.

The Indien woman walked up to a big clay pot adorning the entrance of one of the stores, where a large plant spread its leaves. Underneath one of the leaves the woman carefully revealed a small cricket. The friend was astonished.

“But this is unbelievable!” she exclaimed. “You must have supernaturally good hearing!”

“No, no”, said the Indien woman with a smile. “My ears are no different from yours. Everything depends on what you listen for. Watch this.”

The woman took out some coins, dropped them on the sidewalk so that they bounced away with a clinking sound. At that moment a dozen or so people turned their heads.

“You see”, said the Indien woman. “Everything depends on what you listen for.”

Translated from Alltid älskad 2 – Published by Argument

I’m trying to listen but it is so, so hard. The hardest of all is listening to myself, to that “inner voice” and with that taking the courage to challenge myself. Here is what the book says: “We often complain that God does not speak to us and that we do not get our prayers answered. Perhaps the truth is that God more often speaks in the calm whispers than in the roaring storms- but he still speaks. Whether or not we hear him is a different question. Everything depends on what we listen for…”

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandhi


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  Jane Colling wrote @

I loved the Cricket story and fully agree that what you hear depends largely on what you listen for!
I was pre occupied just recently with hospitals and appointments – attending with both my parents for a variety of reasons. I happen to live on main road that leads to my local hospital – and the noise of ambulances roaring up and down really did get the better of me one day this week. It was all too much – funny how just the noise of a siren suddenly had so many connotations for me –
However – I’m choosing to thank God that the hospital that is so close has provided real timely care for both my parents and the ambulances – though they are many – signify for me hope and the closeness of help in our community – not as the devil would want me to believe – hoplessness and reason to fear.
This is a mumled thought process maybe – but out of two months of heartache and fear for the future I have begun to realise the importance of getting hold of our HOPE IN GOD and not allowing the devil to fill our present lives with fear and dread, I guess what I would like to express in a nutshell is – Don’t let the fear of the future rob you of the present joy. Easy to say – a lifetime to learn!

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