Dignity for Pages

I just spammed my first spam, and I’m not talking about any canned meat products. Someone who was selling second hand Fords managed to worm their way into my favorite post, “My First Kiss“.

I’ve thought about that very first entry quite a bit. I can still remember feeling that tingling feeling inside of me, that I had finally been able to put down into words how I have felt about things over the years. It helps me now, when the time is 01:38 a.m (GMT+01:00) and neither drugs and/or sex work, which are currently ranked pretty high on Maria’s “Enter Sandmann” list.

Here’s food for thought and I doubt that I’ve come up with it myself:

We don’t choose our CONSCIENCE, but we do choose our FORGIVENESS.

After my last post, I’ve been feeling somewhat bad lashing out at The Good News. I based my opinion of them on just ONE article. What if people would base their opinion of me on just ONE meeting, ONE question, ONE garment of clothing. Many have, and so have I, especially when I’ve felt rushed or in an awkward position.

Do you see (dead) people? If you’re at a banquet with people you have to mingle, network, rub shoulders with (call it whatever you like), how many of you start off by asking, “So, what do you do?”. I used to hate that question post-op, for I wasn’t sure what the heck I was doing. I knew perfectly well what I had been doing – I could have handed over a detailed list of four or five balls that I wouldn’t have dreamt of falling to the floor. 

As I currently don’t feel as comfortable identifying myself in what I do, my comfort level grows when instead someone throws me, “So, who are you?”. The difference is huge albeit it may take a few more minutes to hit common ground. What’s so wrong about that? You may find that the Janitor can tell the Director just about everything that needs to be done for a comapny’s survival. If you see it from the eyes of the frequenters, you may just learn a thing or two. How about patients?

Hearken, Ruminate, Parley.  


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