The Good News

I wrote about “the Missing Dimension” on May 9th. I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t missing anything, so I placed an order (for free) and I got the envelope yesterday. I only flipped through the “Marriage & Family” magazine, but took a closer look at “The Good News – Understanding Your Future” that accompanied. You know how magazines stick advertisement junk so that when you flip through you get stuck on that one page? Well lets just say they helped me land on the article “The European Union: Blessing or Modern Tower of Babel?

Before I cite passages from the Bible article, which Union State do you think this magazine originates from? Answer: Ohio (just thought I would let you know beforehand).

“According to the Holy Scriptures, the end result of efforts to unify Europe will not be a friendly group of democratic nations that will bless mankind in countless ways. Instead these efforts will lead to the rise of a new superpower led by a powerful dictator who will institute an unrivaled period of global tyranny and turmoil.

I can’t say that John Ross Schroeder will be wrong. However, I’ve always viewed the EU as our greatest chance at peace for we have an extremely dark history.

“The author of the Newsweek article (“The Golden Moment” 26-Mar-2007), Andrew Moravcsik, does not agree with the negative assessment of Europe. After all, he is the director of the European Union Program at Princeton University. He thinks of Europe as “the quiet superpower”… (that) the world is bipolar, and the other pole is Europe…”

P.S. The cover page of this “Good News”, this “Magazine of Understanding” showed a father and son with the phrase: How Can You Help Your Child Succeed? As a European, should I read it? Maybe I can understand what sets America and Europe apart so much, why I feel like we’re sometimes living on two different planets. My wonderful Euro-American friends, what do you guys reckon?


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  Talia wrote @

I think your instincts are right about the EU, and no, I don’t think you should read the article. Blah

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