Reality Minus Expectations

My daily fortune cookie has for the past couple of days read:

Happiness = Reality – Expectations

This is why I like fortune cookies. I’m not so sure about Magic 8-Balls for it recently read “OUTLOOK SO SO” when I got hold of the one my father keeps in his office (for a laugh I should add so not to worry anyone).

Find the Magic 8-Ball

My mother always warned me as a teenager never to get my palm read or talk to people who gaze into crystal balls. Does this still go? If yes, I’m wondering if I should be listening to the news on the TV/radio or watch movies. I could probably make a long list of places to stay away from, including church, as warnings of the future to come are all around us.

My Far Side desk calendar from yesterday just took first price on this issue:

Three people are slaving away in hell rolling wheel-barrows full of rock. However, the kid in the back is whissling while doing so. One of the devils keeping watch whispers to the other, “We’re just not getting through to this one, are we?”.

I like to think that I am that kid.


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