Rash or Nausea?

If you had a choice, what would you rather have, a really itchy rash OR nausea? I am finding that the latter has entered my life since switching to valproic acid and the rash has disappeared. Or as we say in Swedish, what do you prefer, the plague or cholera?

These days I find that I grow just a teeny bit worried when anything is out of the ordinary with regards to my health. I thought I felt a lump on my throat the week prior to going to London. Now I’m experiencing bouts of nausea. I can’t go around worrying whether I am going to be struck by lightening my entire life. I would never be able to walk on the beach during storms ever again (not that I usually do, but the thought’s intriguing). On the other hand, sleeping and doing less during the days help. Additionally, eating properly works miracles. I hope my Psycotherapist on Thursday and/or Neurologist can say what’s wrong with me- if I’m say, dying of CANCER!


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  Werner Wildfang wrote @

Hi Maria,
happy Midsummer! Hope you can make your trip to London! Weather is a pain, temperature up and down all the time, even the most healthy colleagues and friends seem to feel some nausea.
Glad Midsommar och många kramar från familjen Wildfang

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