You know you are from Sweden when…

I told you about Facebook and LinkedIn the other day. Now I found another fun and yes, yes, yes list from a Group on Facebook with the slogan:

“to point out the typical clichés about the Swedish, through the eyes of the Swedish, without taking things too seriously.”

You know you are from Sweden when…

  • Your family had to re-arrange a number of Christmas traditions when Arne Weise retired. (Maria: By gosh, we attended the same High-School along with the former president of the UN General Assembly Jan Eliasson, the IranianSwedish singer and songwriter Laleh and the Swedish “Bamse” comic creator Rune Andréasson.)
  • You thought Astrid Lindgren was immortal and was shocked and cried your heart out when she actually did die.

Pippi Långstrump

  • You really want to attend the Nobel Prize Dinner (Maria: My husband is about the only one I know who has).
  • You get pissed off when Norwegians state that the peace prize is much more famous than the other Nobel prices.
  • You go seriously sentimental when entering an IKEA store, outside the borders of Sweden.

Here are some other ones I thought were funny (meaning true?). The list had a total of 266 entries!

20. When you don’t really consider silence a problem in social situations.

26. You take your shoes off when entering a house, and don’t get why non-Swedes find that funny.
58. You find the idea of wall to wall carpets in bathrooms and toilets simply appalling.
60. You think you understand Danish.
61. The Danish think you understand Danish.
62. Ultimatley, when spoken, you don’t really understand Danish

75. You refuse to belive that snuff or “snus” is harmful.

76. Since snuff “isn’t harmful”, you can’t understand why no one except the Swedes use it…

86. You refer to some internationally famous Swedes by their nicknames, even when speaking to bewildered non-Swedes who have no clue what you are talking about (i.e. “Svennis” (Sven-Göran Ericsson) and “Henke” (Henrik Larsson).

91. You cannot see why the first floor you walk in to should be called anything but the first floor, and the next one up the second, and so on, and you get confused by this in every multi-storey building you enter.

146. People ask you if you have polarbears on the streets and you try to spread the myth further by stating it’s true.
166. You always try to defend Sweden for not being a part of “nasty” Europe where girls are sluts and there is no drinking age.
167. You don’t mind walking instead of taking the car.

182. You find teenage mums shocking and very strange; because you don’t know anyone who had a child before 25… and you thought that was young.
183. You thought ‘Aftonbladet’ and ‘Expressen’ were full of silly news…then you went abroad and found that many papers include nothing but naked women and sex.
184. You know they are the same, but you just don’t trust ibuprofen and paracetamol the way you trust Ipren and ALVEDON.

201. You ONLY eat candy on Saturdays.
203. You have to tell people to take of their bloody shoes when they come into your house.
214. You don’t consider Starbucks a proper café, since a real cafe is a atmospheric, groovy, cosy place not at all as brightly lit and multi national as Starbucks.
221.. You brag about the free healthcare and the free schoolsystem to every non-Swede that you have a political conversation with.

252. You have quoted Elin from Fucking Åmål MANY TIMES when you were a teenager (“Varför måste vi bo i fucking-jävla-kuk-Åmål?”, “Jag vill knarka”, “Jag ska bli psykolog. Eller… det tror jag i alla fall”, “Jag är hellre glad nu än om 25 år”, or “Jag ska aldrig mer bli ihop med nån. Jag ska bli celibat”)

254. You feel bad if you’re not outside on a sunny day.
255. You think that Robert Gustavsson is the funniest man alive, period.
256. It’s not strange that the (former) Prime Minister marries the CEO of “Systembolaget”


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  Andreas E wrote @

I did visit that dinner in 2005, for professional reasons… I had a good time!

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