Sometimes I just need inspiration, hence I browse the Web. What compells me to write is all about urge. If I don’t feel it- I won’t write it. I have something brewing on the “Swedish Fuck Union” (Facket) and a sallad bar incident. The latter provided the final nail in the coffin I needed to just ask myself, why do I pay several hundred kronors per month for such rubbish? Besides, I’m on sick-leave and I asked my union what they could do for me. I got the answer “nothing”.

Venn diagram representing the relationship between (botanical) fruits and vegetables. Botanical fruits that are not vegetables are culinary fruits.

Moving on, “Tobias” has nothing to do with aforementioned. I read Emma’s post “Tobiasregistret” and felt compelled to write about it. I also realised that there are more things to life than “just” organ donorship. There is also “the national registry for voluntary bone marrow donors“, which is a field in itself. I’m glad I don’t have leukaemia for instance. By the way, you ARE living up to my Terms and Conditions, right? I will keep reminding you, just so you know.


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