Shark Fin Soup Calendar

Whilst my appetite has seen better days, there are others of us who like to dine on endangered species. If I’m going to survive and become Ms. Universe I have to include some “save the dolphins” into all of this. I’m sure I’ve told you about my daily “The Far Sidedesk calendar, right? It was the perfect Christmas gift from my father to my family and I believe my brother got one as well. (Martin, I hope you’ve got them all pinned up at work in Oslo, covering your office with Gary Larson’s awesome humour). Gary Larson has never tired me out, not even the comics that have been going around for a number of years.

Either way, what does Shark Fin Soup () have to do with all of this? Well, Gary Larson also wishes to save the world, which is my cup of tea. His focus seems to lie within Conservation International and illegal wildlife trade. For instance, more than 50 shark species are at risk of extinction.

This morning I didn’t feel like laughing when I saw a beautiful photo of Whitetip reef shark (Triaenodon obesus), which I additionally was fortunate to see in real life when visiting Cairns, Australia many years ago, and read the following:

Help End Trafficking in Threatened Wildlife

Shark fin soup is an Asian delicacy that can cost up to $100 a bowl. Yet shark fins have no taste at all.

To satisfy demand for the dish, sharks often are poached only for their fins. As much as 99 percent of the animal is wasted. Fishermen hastily cut off fins using machetes, then toss live and mutilated sharks back into the water to die. How many shark species are threatened? How can they be protected? Learn the answers and more @

Below is just beautiful. I’m not sure about all the other things we humans are doing to these animals. Perhaps soup is just part of the problem, like the (expensive?) coffee machines at work. Isn’t changing a creature’s behaviour and natural habitat also a form of abuse or is this just Ms. Maria, who wishes to be a part of this Universe for a while longer, being moralistic?


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