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During the IB reunion last Saturday, people started talking about Facebook. I’m sure I have received previous invitations for this, but you know how it is, inflation sux. We recently put up a sign on our post box “Ingen Reklam Tack” (No Advertisement Thanks) for it was getting rediculous. I like bargain hunting but I don’t like being hunted (or haunted for that matter) by companies with their big fat flouresenct “it’s so cheap” figures. My favorites are when something costs 990 SEK or 16,890 SEK. To think of it, have you been able to find ANYTHING that’s not £$9.99 Kr or the like?

Either way, Facebook has potential. It’s easy to find people if people are willing to be found. I can highly recommend it. As I am not currently working on my “career”, I have put another tool that showed potental, Linked In, on the shelf for the time being. It also seems to be a tool best used by consultants and the like, but I may be wrong.

LinkedIn Logo


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