This is actually a movie I am willing to pay my 80-100 SEK to see (I know, going to the movies in Sweden is ridiculously expensive). I’ve always liked Michael Moore and spent quite a bit of time promoting his work on my site. I remember getting worried some two years ago when the news was out that he was targeting the pharmaceutical industry that my hero was making a huge mistake as an outsider and not getting the full picture of what most grass roots of these companies do every day. 

What do we do? I suppose work our arses off to come up with novel medicines so that our families can live a bit longer than what they could have expected in, say, the 1800’s (and add some good ol’ QoL in there as well). I’m sure you got the odd few living to 100 back then. You get a whole lot more doing so in comfort today and I hope to be one of them. SiCKO? It looks promising and even got one of my laughs today.


Does the King of Sweden still send letters to everyone who lives to be 100 in this country?


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  Zaman wrote @

We have had this argument over and over and I still stand by my point of view; What is the main objective of the pharmaceutical industry?
Make people live longer?
Give people a better Quality of Life?
Nope, they’re in it for the profit, your company as any other in the industy!
And the company I work for? They’re in it for the profit as well! Why else would both companies primarily target the overweigt, overpayed customers?
Don’t try to tell me different, but it put food on out tables and they don’t give us night mares.
Guess that is what we have to settle for unless we want to risk out mental and physical health more than we do.

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