Medical Cannabis

I almost wish I was fired up about something, that I was on the rage and had something to yell about. I just came in from my parents’ house, which is located about 20 meters to the left of ours, feeling like a drunk tripping across toys in my Dry Martini fog.

William Turner - Flint Castle.jpg

I need to check whether my new drug, Ergenyl (valproic acid), “can (also) greatly decrease alcohol tolerance” like my old rash, Hermolepsin (carbamazepine), supposedly did. Is this what smoking marijuana is like? If yes, then I’m not sure I’m interested. What an itch! Although some say you can write better music. Fakes! Maybe I will feel more inspired to write on my new drug, valproic acid.


Interestingly, according to the Lancet 366 (9485): 549–55, “valproic acid is an inhibitor of the enzyme histone deacetylase 1 (HDAC1). The latter is needed for the HIV virus to remain in infected cells. A study published in 2005 revealed that patients treated with valproic acid in addition to highly active antiretroviral therapy showed a median 75% reduction in latent HIV infection” [] It’s good to see that medical science has progressed over the years. It keeps me hopeful for therpay progression in my ball park – oligoastrocytomas.

Vaporong 001.jpg

AIDS, or even HIV, is an experience I would like to not experience. I can’t decide, what’s more stigmatised? Schitzophrenia, HIV or Cancer? It’s definitely not a brain tumour. People look at me as if I’d just told them that I had been attacked by a shark whilst surfing the waves (just as unlikely).

The fighting Temeraire tugged to her last berth to be broken up, painted 1839.

Carbamazepine? Interestingly… well lets see what juicy stuff we can dig up on this one. “Carbamazepine was first marketed as a drug to treat trigeminal neuralgia in 1962. It has been used as an anticonvulsant in the UK since 1965, but only approved in the U.S. since 1974. It is also used to treat schizophrenia. Here we go again.


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[…] you rather have, a really itchy rash OR nausea? I am finding that the latter has entered my life since switching to valproic acid and the rash has disappeared. However, these days I find that I grow just a teeny bit worried […]

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