Cara Cara MIA

Måns Zelmerlöw sang to me at Nordstan in Göteborg on Sunday. I was walking by with two terrific girls, Julia & Olga, from the Ukraine and someone sang Cara, Cara MIA and looked deep into my eyes. I’m sure I noticed a wink there as well.

Också gammal bild. Inte lika talande...

Julia, you forgot your poster. I hope you are okay with me giving it away to someone else, like my bathroom? One is definitely going up on the other restroom door. Robbie Williams “I was there” is upstairs and Måns will have to go up on the downstairs loo.

Måns said his favorite song on the record is “Work of Art (Da Vinci)”, but it’s not the song I can listen to on his homepage. It’s CARA MIA.

One day, you are not going to be singing for free. I’m glad I got to hear my song and get my newly bought record autographed for free. I’m not likely going to see Robbie Williams doing anything similar any time soon. Besides, I can hardly afford his tickets anyway.


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