Sweden is Fantastic


We have just managed to get our boy to go to sleep. Should I add that the time is 23:09 (11:09 pm) and that he finished off by pouring water down his uncle’s old “Sweden is Fantastic” t-shirt?


We’re terrible parents, it’s just that I feel that the fewer times I can say “no” to that boy, the better. I haven’t changed in how I bring him up, I have just changed my attitude somewhat.


It is more important that he develops into a healthy human than remember me as the “no” Mom who just moaned that he should clean his room, stop listening to loud music and above all NOT watch “The Chainsaw Massacre” on the television he does NOT have in his room. How can I when his Grandfather and Father are chainsawing most weekends during Autumn, Winter and Spring up at the country house?


It’s a massacre of trees, that’s for sure, and it’s bloody dangerous, that’s why they try to keep their boots and helmets on during the operation. Don’t get me started on the tractors.


My Aunt who works selling the machines gave him one as a “welcome to the world” present almost two years ago. It’s a forest green tractor, with the magic words “John Deere” written on the side.



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