Unfaithful Maria?

According to one of my favorite Swedish tabloids, Aftonbladet, below are TEN clear signs of unfaithfulness:

  1. You partner draws away and sends text messages, without being able to tell you who’s getting them all.
  2. Your partner is happy but seems to have their thoughts else where.
  3. He/she has all of the sudden an increased mobile phone bill, even though nothing specific has happened at work/in the family.
  4. You often realise that your partner is lying about where he/she has been.
  5. You partner switches between moving away and being overly present and cuddly.

House of Wax

  1. He/she sits up and email until late at night to an unknown receiver.
  2. He/she has suddenly become more keen on their outer appearance.
  3. Your partner works overtime more than usual.
  4. You receive time and again telephone calls that break when you answer.
  5. Your partner has started a new hobby that takes up all their leisure time, but you can’t join in.


Oh, and there is an NB! (Obs!) at the end: “One occasional sign does not necessarily mean infidelity. However, the more signs you recognize, the greater the risk…

The Rock

P.S.The lover is often a friend, neighbour or colleague and some people use infidelity as a springboard.

Four entities

I am springboarding everywhere at this point in my life together with my friends, neighbours, colleagues, people I meet on the bus and tram, in the taxi… I don’t know how I would have survived otherwise. Does that make me unfaithful? Is that so wrong?

It’s all about asking the right questions and not being scared to do so (or hear/feel the answer I suppose).

You know what? I have HAPPY FEET and here’s the guy…

Happy Feet



  Talia wrote @


But we all love you so much. And because you keep including us in all of this, you allow us to keep you very present in our thoughts.

I love that my entire spring has been saturated with Maria-colored musings. A beautiful re-discovery of a wonderful woman.

  Hanna wrote @

Hi dearest,

Missed you also! I’ve been off work and everything for a while too. Good to have your blogging world back. Will give you a call soon. Thanks for a lovely weekend, it was so good to see you all!

Love as always

  skablifrisk wrote @

The pressure! You know I’m doing this just to have a whim of a chance to get comments like the ones you’ve given me above. /M

  Talia wrote @

I just saw this video on youtube and I think it is totally fascinating! for a few reasons. 1) I have a vague sense of having learned SOME of those words in high school biology, 2) the graphics are beautiful but I never had any clue what scale was being protrayed!, 3) I basically understand only 1 in 5 words, but I kind of think I get it…a little bit anyway, and 4) I think you’ll get it.
I dunno, maybe you’ll have already seen this and you watched videos like this ALL the time in school, or maybe you’ll be able to point out half a dozen oversimplifications and mistakes in their model, or maybe you’ll think it’s really cool.
Just wanted to share, though.

Hugs and Kisses,

  skablifrisk wrote @

My prime reason for loving Molecular Biology. How can there not be a god?
P.S. You know I’m going to steal your link and stick it in my blog somewhere, right? I’ll try to remember who sent it to me 😉

  Maria A-Z wrote @

Here’s one… DNA Molecular Biology Visualizations – Wrapping And Replication
And if you, like me, are interested in Global Warming: Point of No Return?, click on the link. I haven’t seen the movie (hope to do so soon); however, I believe Al Gore has something to tell us.

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