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I have had a brilliant week. I have had so much fun that I have had very little urge to sit and write for hours. Am I becoming THAT much easier to impress or am I just becoming more relaxed and not so worried about what others think of me? What? I am the least of all vain. I wish I would have been, especially during my high school years, so that I could have felt less like a freak.

My impressive week? I start off in beautiful London, my home away from home, in South Kensington to be more precise. My husband and I gain a star (*) every time we fly over there. This time round we stayed at a super duper friendly hotel where everyone must have starred in their CR classes, namely the RYDGES. They even gave us a double-bed! Some three years ago, at a 3*** hotel, which was a mini-honeymoon I would like to add, we landed with twin beds, which felt a bit ironic considering we had been through a three year long-distance relationship whilst I had been living in Manchester.

Wednesday and Thursday I went into retreat at Johannesgården “to listen to the soul in a monastery environment”. That pretty much meant I had to shut up for two days, and you know what? I LOVED IT! Not as much as my romantic London trip, but it came a close second. I got some time for myself, to think, to ponder, to reflect. They’re right, it is not about finding the answers; it’s all about asking the right questions.

And now? 11:38 pm on a Friday night? I have returned back from the Elite Plaza Hotel in central Gothenburg. This was central Gothenburg year 2001:

Six years down the line, my Toastmasters speech club is enrolled in the Business Smart, District 59 Spring Conference. I hadn’t seen my Toastmasters friends in a long while and I ended up having dinner with three of them at Krakow. Oh yeah, if any IB reunion people are reading this, I switched the date to June 9th, so I hope we’re all hunky dory.



  Werner wrote @

Hi Maria,
great you are back. Missed your blogg and was getting a little worried. Spoke to your Mum today who reassured me you are fine! Even if I do not comment most of your articles, I do read them and missed them while you were “off the air”. Great to have you back. Please tell more about that retreat! Find that really interesting! Love, Werner

  Maria A-Z wrote @

It’s nice to feel missed. Thank you.
I scanned in some information I received a while back to send to another friend. Here is the link: Retreat Johannesgården
By the way, tell your daughter that I got to go on Paddan for free yesterday many thanks to her.
Cheers, Maria

[…] i.e. part of the “free church movement” in Sweden, which my family is. Unlike the Toastmasters Conference that took place in one of Gothenburg’s fanciest hotels, this conference is situated in a […]

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