Queen of Bloke and Bird

Findus to the Right

The slide show is a tribute to Mimmi. Cheers mate. Funnily, within 48 hours, cats have assailed into my life. Our beautiful black n’ white Findus has been notoriously fed with “Junky Cereal” by E this morning.

Junky cereal on a Wednesday? We caught on to the Junky-Cereal-on-weekends idea when my husband and I visited a truly amazing family (and one of Maria’s very few blood relatives) in Halifax, Vermont. Lisa! We took an OTIS elevator at the World Trade Centre (WTC) in Ney York City and just yesterday I was in an OTIS elevator going to Heaven23 for lunch (thank you E&A!) at the WTC in Gothenburg. Amazing, huh? And to think that OTIS is buried just behind your house. Wow! We think of your beautiful family often, every time we walk into an elevator as a matter of fact, for most of them are OTIS’ after all.

Queen of Bloke and Bird

For now, E and I are having JuNkY-cErEaL-dAy-EvErY-dAy (sorry Zaman). Mmm, honey coated Kalaspuffar with Fil (yoghurt, but much tastier). Findus  seems to find the attention amusing. It’s strange to have a cat that thinks she’s above everyone else. Findus is female I should add. Strange to give such a masculin name to a female cat, huh? First of all, we WANTED a Findus and secondly, our very own “women’s right’s activist (F!)” and “Left Party politician” Gudrun Schyman recently stated that girls should be allowed to be christened with a boys’ name. She didn’t mention cats, but we took the liberty to do so, in Sweden, which as far as I can see is still ranked as a free nation by The Freedom House. Not sure whether she would agree, as Communism is her party’s cup of “Boston tea party”, but hey, who can blame her? I really want to go to North Korea and Cuba as well. It would be hugely interesting, I’m sure (as long as I don’t have to worry about being shot). Castro going, who knows what can happen…

Katten Svea

My second “cat invasion” was the other day when I met some of my favourite sisters’ Mum and Dad, who have an awesome swing in their back yard, perfect for crawling up and reading Små Citroner Gula. As I’m a blogger and EH is a blogger, she let me in on her anonymous blog site. I hope I haven’t divulged too much, but she has an awesomely cool husband who I can talk to for literally hours and she does not get jealous. I like that, so here’s to Katten Svea!

I made you a cookie…

Last but not least, here’s to Cats in Sinks and Tim’s cat blog (the latter inspiring me to write this one), who came and visited us for the weekend and I didn’t even think of giving you (or Hanna) any sheets. Apologies. I’m glad you thought of asking for a towel, Tim. Thank you.


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  Maria A-Z wrote @

Music to my ears. It is all one big lab experiment, but the music adds to the experience. I can’t just resort to reading books, huh? /M

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