Because That’s the Way…

… the Cookie Crumbles!

I’m just about to cycle off and buy apples. I love apples for they remind me of New York. In a way I can pretend that I am cycling to New York, just like our son, who since this morning is a Chicken Pox, pretendeds to be on a great big train. The bears, cows, frogs and one mother were all invited on board. It was very luxurious for we had all been given a seat of our own for each row of chair(s) on the train. Zubair, the Khyber Railway looks very exotic. Pakistan to Afghanistan, maybe one of these days, who knows?

I have also taken the opportunity to scare the daylights out of a sales rep who answered to “Ellos Privatlån – enkelt och bekvämt! (FINAREF AB).” Hey, I’m on sick leave, the money’s not exactly rolling in; hence, I am so so tempted to:

  • Borrow 20 000 kr
  • Pay back within 1-5 years
  • Initial cost 0 kr
  • “Aviseringsavgift” (?) 0 kr (best of all, I’m sure)

Make sure to let your sales rep know of your great offer code: 071DB

Question by Maria the tumour-gal who you sent this great offer to: If I  bite the dust, will the loan be inherited by my family or just written off???

Tell me where to sign the dotted line where it says FUCK OFF ELLOS/FINAREF!!!

(Oh yeah, did I mention the really tiny text at the bottom (my vision must be going) – “only” 34.49% interest, oh and tax deductible). WTF??????? 



  Maria wrote @

I have updated the Khyber pictures Zubair sent me from his “home town”. I have also added some that I found interesting myself, which I have stolen off the web. They should all be linked on the other hand, so I hope I am forgiven. However, the “Deathstroker” is not, so here it is: plus (“In ‘The Brotherhood of Man’…there was often combat with Khyber, an old ally/acquaintance/enemy of theirs who had become a Deathstroke The Terminator type character”).
The music I am not so sure. I take my chances with Pink Floyd. Enjoy the beauty of the world!
P.S. Out of interest (I like these quarky facts), Khyber (Philadelphia) is also the name of a small night club in the Old City section of Philadelphia. (

  zubair wrote @

SORRY FOR LATE response of my so much busy schedule.i thank the reader would enjoy the khyber pass photos.khyber is hebrew languge word which means “fort”.if i m wrong so our jews colleque can make me correct.anyhow ,if you look the geography of khyber,you will really admit it.and in 600 AD,there was a very famouse “fort” of jews in saudia as well.
another thing i want to add it that i m pakistani and but ethnically i dont know why you add the photos and flags of afghanistan?anyhow,the girl photo is very very intresting.once you mention about “stuff” website.i searched that for some thing.where i have find the photo of that girl.where her eyes are metioned for voting of the of the green color of eyes.i thank how many people would be thank about her torn “shawal” and her education.her eye has message and asking for some thing.thank you for your wishes for my admission.i m really feeling your happiness.

  skablifrisk wrote @

Thanks for your comment. I actually deleted some photos, for you’re right. I have to think about it some more 🙂 It is all hugely interesting, thought, and I’m learning a lot on my travels. I’m off to London tomorrow so hope to see you soon when we get back on the 21st. Stay cool (not hard in this country), Maria

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