Oil and Tanks

Do you know where the word “Tank” comes from (there is actually a point to this questions)? When I write tank, I mean the transport vehicle the Chinese military used to “almost” run down one in a billion Chinese. I hope that incidence was awarded best picture or footage of the year by someone. If nothing else, I award it. I wonder what the Chinese guy got…

Soldiers from U.S. 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment provide overwatch for other troops with their M1 Abrams main battle tank in Biaj, Iraq.

I think I learned “Tank” at the Imperial War Museum in London or by someone who brought me there once. When the British were building the monsters during WWI, they advertised “Water Tanks”. I’m glad it was this and not the Red Cross as many seem to think these days when organising shootings at hospitals. I’m especially uncomfortable when it is my hospital, Sahlgrenska, and I’m in it. Supposedly no one got “hurt”. I didn’t find out about it until hearing about it on the news that night, snugged up in my warm bed. On a random but on the same idea (journalists, speak up!), my brother-in-law, Richard, sent me a great email the other night quoting a newspaper (it didn’t say which one, sorry),

British World War I Mark IV tank

Styckad kropp i skogsparti i Alby…polisen misstänker mord – vill inte säga om det är ett barn eller vuxen som hittats. Styckade kroppsdelar inlindade i plast hittades i dag i ett skogsområde i Alby söder om Stockholm. Polisen misstänker mord.

Karta by Dina Stén

I must admit that I agree with the journalist; it’s amazing how the police may suspect murder as (s)he writes twice. Perhaps it was all an accident, being killed. Hm, I presume a woman (but possibly an unlucky bloke) just by accident is cut up into pieces and wrapped in plastic? I wonder who the gift was for, Stockholm? (Interestingly, the word “gift” is “poison” and/or “married” in Swedish).

Abandoning a disabled M-3 tank in training.

I’m rambling and should probably get back to the point. We have a “Tank” being cut up in our basement as I speak. It’s an oil tank that my grandfather, Karl-Erik, installed some time in the early 1960’s. We’re paying several thousand kronors for cutting something up that my grandfather spent years trying to afford. I remember reading a birthday wish-list my mother, Christina, wrote when she was about six or seven, “En stor oljetank till min familj”. Time moves on, we “need” the extra room in the basement as we now have “bergvärme” (no idea what the English word is, but we’ve spent tons of money drillingl a >100 metre hole in our garden to get our heating from the solid rock below). Getting the oil tank out is a bargain in comparison. I wonder what the Grandfather guy got…

Sherman DD (Duplex Drive) amphibious tank with waterproof float screens, in 1944. The float screen was raised in the water and rear propellers provided forward thrust.


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