Listening to the Radio(head)

Exosome (RNA degradation machinery)

I really can’t stay away, can I?

I pretty much just woke up. I got my clock-radio out and placed it on my bedside table last night. Some extra radiation now shouldn’t matter, right? What about my mobile phone. I hear better on my right ear. Should I switch to my left ear now, or keep going on my right? The hands free set gets too tangled up for me to have time to untangle it every day.

I woke up to the weather man. He speaks to the entire country, everyday, whether you want to or not. Today I learned to his droning voice that it will be partly cloudy with risk of rain (and sunshine?) with temperatures of 10-14 degrees. Hm, what part did he leave out? I guess the snow and hale. We had hale yesterday, though. So he definitely got that in yesterday, I’m sure. He’s covered.

I feel a bit more covered today. For the weather was followed by the news. In my mind, there were two pieces of news that Maria found interesting this morning before she turned of the radioheads in desperation. 1) It’s EU(REKA) day and Margot Wallström, who made the right choice to stay put in Brussels in my mind, is coming to Sweden. 2) Jan O Lötvall of Gothenburg University (GU) has a new article in Nature Cell Biology on a very interesting aspect of cell signalling. I get all happy with titles like these,

Exosome-mediated transfer of mRNAs and microRNAs is a novel mechanism of genetic exchange between cells [] or []

Thank you. However, I presume GU has the same trouble as the pharmaceutical industry, a good invention takes about ten years to commercialise. Imagine, the medicines that may save thousands of lives today are just test tube babies. However, these babies have to brew until 2017 before they’re let home. Hm, I hope I’m alive til’ then.

Göteborg University


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