Buildings burn, huh?


Buildings burn
People die
But love lasts forever

I rarely remember quotes or passages without making a lot of effort. Above phrase? I just needed to hear it once to remember it forever.


The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering.
Brandon Lee

I gave someone who I was a bridesmaid to in 1999 a jar of cloudberry jam (hjortronsylt). As my husband and I both have the engravings RB 1:16 in our wedding bands, I figured it would be okay to give the bride’s grandmother Ruth, 84, the jam for her to pass on. Ruth gave me two books in return. Me? I passed one of the books on, but I kept the other as it bore the title Varför Just Jag? (Why Me?).

Problem, I don’t have the energy to read. I pray for my energy to come back one day so that I may continue to seek knowledge in the world around me. It’s written by Jacob Damkani. Anyone read it? The title of the book is enough for me right now. I don’t need to know what’s in it. Besides, I have a bookmark already in place; Gary Larson’s “The Far Side” calendar page for Wednesday, May 2nd. The picture depicts a flock of sheep. However, one sheep is standing up with his “arms” raised and the text reads,

Wait! Wait! Listen to me!…
We don’t have to be sheep!

If I don’t have the energy to read much more than my daily Larsons, how could I bring myself to go to Sunday service today at church? The last time I was in Fiskebäcks Missionskyrka was February 25th, I believe. On that day I wanted to thank the congregation for praying for me. I just told them my story and that was it. Had I waited, I don’t think they would have heard it.

What I really came here to write about was Top8 movies. I want YOU to tell me your Top8 and perhaps a comment why, but no musts. There are very few musts in life I realise, even though we prefer to think so (?) My husband and son are outside in the beautiful weather. Pre-op Maria would have felt guilty for sitting by the computer. Post-op, Maria’s pretty okay with sitting here. I’m starting to think that guilt is something you don’t choose, whilst forgiveness is something we want and therefore determine. What do you think? Either way, I don’t want my blogging to take over my life, for I could literally sit here 24-7. I’m not kidding. Since many of my beasts of burdens have left the fortress, I’m starting to tread like a foul/foal. Am I dreaming? I can’t decide if it is my worst or best dream. Tell me.

I crave menial jobs for I don’t want to have to think that I am actually able to put two and two together. One plus one? Three. If someone tells you enough times that you are stupid, you start believing it. If you don’t learn as a kid what integrity is at school, how can you expect to know as an adult? Putting up a wall has never helped me. If there’s a film called “The Wall”, I will watch it with great interest.

Maria’s Top8, by random:

  1. The Godfather– Supposedly a classic but I’ve only seen the first film (ok, half of it).
  2. KISS, Live In Las Vegas (“The Unseen Concert”) – Father’s Day present for Zaman 2005. Too bad.
  3. Double Jeopardy – One of my prime reasons for going to Liseberg; I can win lottery DVDs without losing too much money. “Murder is not always a crime”, hm, interesting thought.
  4. Top Gun– I like the fact that you can crash and burn, but still be ok.
  5. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon – I’ve heard that it is dubbed in the US. I will kill someone before watching a dubbed film, if I can help it.
  6. Matrix– I’m actually someone who likes Keanu Reeves, because he took a role in Something’s Gotta Give (2003). Ok, I admit, I think Trinity and Morpheus are pretty hot & cool. Plus I’m an MIB fan.
  7. Excalibur – Never seen, interesting subtext: “Forged by a God, foretold by a Wizard, found by a King”.
  8. Romeo Must Die– Never seen. Enjoy Brandon/Bruce Lee movies.Plus, I like Hong Kong; it’s beautiful.

Maria’s Top8, CD & DVD :

  1. Rules of Engagement– “The film is preseneted in cooperation with Aftonbladet”. Never seen but after Pulp Fiction, I am forever a Jackson fan.
  2. American Beauty – …look closer. See, I never understood why you didn’t like it when there is so much beauty… ?
  3. Shrek– Why? Myers, Murphy, Diaz, Lithgow. That’s why.
  4. Stigmata – “The messenger must be silenced”. I don’t think so.
  5. Moulin Rouge – Because I can now go there (with my brother’s girlfriend Laura I hope) and stay for free.
  6. Pirates of the Caribbean– Because I am of a forgiving nature. Watched Gilbert Grape last night. Kathy, remind me on Friday for this is one film you don’t want to miss. I DO hope you’ve seen Chocolat, si?
  7. Shrek 2– Not as good as Shrek I, but it’s good to see that Julie Andrews is still up and running.
  8. John Deere, American Farmer– Not a movie (computer game) and picked up at Juula for <100 SEK. However, Zaman couldn’t figure out how to sow, which resulted in “game over”. Tips anyone?

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  Martin wrote @

Until the End of the World – The ultimate road movie with one of the greatest scenes ever in film. (MZ: Not seen, thanks!)
Yi Yi – Taiwanese film about members of a family each asking hard questions about life’s meaning. (MZ: Will have to pick up one day, for sure)
American History X – Hate overcome. (MZ: There is so much focus on women being abused. What about all the abused men in the world?)
Infernal Affairs – The original before Scorsese’s “The Departed”, and much better. (MZ: I will have to take your word for it)
Fireworks (Hana-bi) – Because we do what we have to for the people we love. (MZ: Perfect! Now I have a nice long list to dig into :))
Lost in Translation – A brilliant film about non-tourist travelers. (MZ: If you want a glimps of Tokyo, a must see. Plus I like Bill Murray even though he can stop looking bored in all of his films. Broken flower was good as well, in my opinion)
Fallen Angels – A hit man and a mute in urban Hong Kong. (MZ: Sounds promising)
Casablanca – Life after Paris is never the same. (MZ: Ah, Martin, now I understand why you’re about to get married; you know which films to impress the gilrs with. This is one of few films I can watch and never get bored with. It reminds me of my Mormor, for her life was very similar)

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