We Shall Overcome, Correct?

I have a friend,  who has to list his favorite eight movies. Can you imagine having a job that PAYS you to do these things? I’m jealous, I admit it. I’m listing movies in this forum and being payed NOTHING. I pretend this blog is my job, for after May 11th I can’t play that I am going to Truvy’s beauty parlor aka Salong Guldsaxen in MÖLNLYCKE, where one of my best friends’ mother work and who I didn’t invite to the banquet as there wasn’t room. Every workday my radiating beauty sessions follow up with business lunch as I crave for constructive feedback.

Salong Guldsaxen aka Truvy’s

I am signed up for a semi-formal business lunch on May 25th, I believe, and I had the fortune to choose restaurant. I would have preferred Legal Lobster on Long Island, but I settled for PORTOFINO. So close to my house that I can cycle. I realise that I need to ask my Neurologist whether I am even allowed to cycle. I’m taking all my medicines like a good girl, even if the best of us can get confused. Either way, I’ve therapeutically become accustomed to ask for help, so I will consider asking my work colleagues to come and fetch me first. Besides, I know the roads out here and it’s pretty confusing to find the place, even if you do print a map first []

Birgit Friggebod 

Speaking of confusion. I’ve grown up with the perfect father. This is probably because he was seldom home for his work often brought him far, far away from his family. That meant that my mother had to take most of the crap from my brother and me. Mum, I’m sorry for being so MEAN. Did I tell you all, who’ve had the energy to read this far, that we’re next-door neighbours? Hence, Maria makes it her own right to keep beating the crap out of her mother (because she should be used to it by now?). My Birthday (suit) is coming up this summer:

Mom, you know what you should give me? The same present Morfar Karl-Erik Hansson gave YOU! Boxing gloves. I’ll fix the deer and/or moose carcass to hang in the “Friggeboden” (I’ll try to find a picture, but this will have to do for now). What has one of Sweden’s worst mass-murderers, John Ausonius, to do with it? Read this book and find out. Dah, dah, dah, daaaaah. I can’t tell you whether it has been translated or not. Learn SWEDISH! If your preferences lie elsewhere, go to my newly found and definite top8 Maria cafés and book stores Pocket Medmera, Kapellplatsen 2. (Open Mon-Fri 10 am – 6 pm, Sat 10.15 am – 3 pm) and find out. I even got a book signed there by an author who managed to sell one of his newly published books to me for 100 something SEK because he didn’t treat me like a freak.


My perfect father for some reason mixed up his anti-hypertensive drugs. Did I tell you that he used to work as a drug dealer in the 1970’s? He’s hardly senile for he just came back from Chicago, IL a few hours ago and managed to find his way home without a Global Positioning System in his (SWEDISH?) []

How can this man mix up his pills? I used to like the game Monopoly (including the brilliant recipes) but I tend to get bored by it these days. I’ve played it too often I presume. My absolute favourite boardgame Carcasonne is heading that way as well, even though Zaman a while back picked up the latest version with all possible extension packs. We only have one SWEDISH pharmacy in this country. APOTEKET (AB?). I wrote a tribute to Morrissey a while back. Pore over his poetry but read Apoteket instead of America, for they are both currently saving my life.

Am I typing this from a canoe? Nope, we’re just chilling for a while. We’ll get there eventually I believe and/or think. Today, tomorrow, forever? Does it matter?


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