NEWSWEEK, “Living With Cancer
April 23, 2007

If you say there is no God,
you deny the abundant
evidence witnessed
in the mysteries of life,
conscience, spirit
and soul []

Picked up in Chicago, USA by my father.
Thank you, KJELL!

My Dad has often landed in trouble due to his name. Why do you think my name is Maria and my brother’s Martin? It’s pronounced “Shell”, BTW, and he’s not Jewish even though it sounds as if he is greeting you with Shalom on the phone. He’s a peaceful man, though. Hey Dad! Why not switch to Mushi mushi and/or click here?

This song is for all my heroes, men and/or women.

Chris, I hope you don’t mind and that King Hong Kong, suimasen, Edo, is serving you well. Gambate and “see you soon“, ne? I must show Zaman Harajuku so that he doesn’t get too worried when he hangs out with our Japanese friends in Sweden…


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