Sally Mann on Censorship

I am rarely impressed. When I do find myself in this state, without having to do a PhD on “Cannabinoid compound isolation” (thanks but no thanks, Mårten, but I’m still on for June 16th). I don’t know if it is happening more often because I am on sick leave or because my 13 senses have sharpened. What do you think?


I was fortunate to see Sally Mann‘s masterwork Deep South/Battlefields in Stockholm just before catching my flight out of Stockholm.

Out of interest, are there any cool exhibitions on in London? Like the stuff that was on four years ago, Body Farm and/or Earth from Above? I’m going there with Zaman and possibly with his family, May 18-21. If YOU’re interested in meeting up, you have our number(s), right? Henrik W, we’re staying in South Ken, which isn’t too far off. Rendez-vous at Made in Italy in Chelsea  perhaps?… Astrology Anna (sorry, I meant Atrophysics. Is there a difference?), are you still at IC? Eleonora?

It’s interesting, for I have an enormous need for nostalgia. Why?

A few months ago I wanted to find the Inkas in Peru. Sara & Tengis, you don’t know how envious I were of you all for going there. Sara, I miss you. Here is an extended greeting from another Sara who you know. She’s starting up part of the work you left…

Sara i Botaniska

I was also pestering my husband about extending our SMALL kitchen from 1956 into something similar to what our extended family in East Finchley has. We were very impressed that something that looked so horrendous four years ago could look so good two years later. Now I’m glad we waited. Stan, was the strawberry or the chocolate drinks your favorite?

Nutella vs Marmite?Chocolate or Strawberry? (get Monica to translate)

Speaking of working with drugs, this is just the stuff we need to hear, huh?

“A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug”. Patricia Neal

Yeah, whatever. Personally, I like this one better,

“I love drugs, but I hate hangovers, and the hatred of the hangover wins by a landslide every time”. Margaret Cho


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