Googol this!

The fifth elementVinterSolnedgångBlåa kullar

“Live life but don’t let life live you”.

“Which witch is which”, Cookie? Which of you genius’ out there taught me above expression? I could probably Yahoo the phrase, for my Google search is currently mucked up. Why? Because I added the FIRE theme to my Google homepage, which interestingly results in my computer crashing every time I go anywhere near the site. If I do end up making an effort, remind me to also attempt to add the other four elements as themes: Audition, Gustation , Tactition and Olfaction. Maybe I’m getting confused, but I still love the film with the beautiful Milla “Leeloo” Jovovich.

Ärtor på tråd

To think of it, please also remind me that I should go to Kiev, USSR (now Ukraine) some time. St Petersburg is pretty high up on the list as well. That has more to do with a specific Joseph Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili (Russian: Иосиф Виссарионович Джугашвили [Iosif Vissarionovič Džugašvili]).  The neutrality of the article(s) are disputed, as is my blog, I suppose. Warning, in this forum, I am the dictator.  Please read on as long as I don’t have to take any responsibility. I have enough trouble figuring out how ‘personuppgiftslagen’ (PULa) and Copyright laws apply to a mental CANCER patient. I think I am doing pretty well with the first half. Copyright? To think of it, I am one big copycat.

I admit it. I’m just asking to be sued. Don’t be surprised if I start taking the music down from my site. I will start with “The Breath of Amor” for someone is bound to have “copyright” on Ludwig van Beethoven.

Proceratium google

“The (above) information card on Joseph Stalin, from the files of the Tsarist secret police in St. Petersburg”

Tell me? Where does Thermoception, Nociception, Equilibrioception and Proprioception come into everything? Why five senses and not my lucky 13?

Maria’s Chauffeur

I take great pride in being one of the first people in my community of friends that started using Google. Do you want to know why I like Google? Hands up if you know what a google/googol is (without clicking on the link)? I learned a google in seventh/eighth grade at Seisen ~1990. The American girl, Andrea, who loved her Maths teacher Mr. B (or was it Sullivan?) allowed me to pick up a few facts or two whilst trying to impress Mr. B(?). He was cute, I must admit, and considering we were in an all-girls school, a cute British Maths teacher with a Hugh Grant accent (without the swimming goggles) would get me to sign up for higher Mathssss any day. Oh yeah, a google is ten duotrigintillion, or as Andrea put it, “a google is ten raised to a hundred, Mr. B!”.  

G’day Mate

If your Math needs some brushing up (mine certainly does), below follows a simpler explanation:

ten duotrigintillion = 10100 

I forgot to mention the sense of sight. However, if I had a choice and had to lose any of the marbles mentioned above, I would choose the sight marble any day. I have asked a few people this question and so far only my husband answers the same. Perhaps that’s partly why I married the man.


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