I will survive…

…very much thanks to you, Lena. Your musical work is more important than my current physiological state. Hence, this is why you (and the rest of your team) have one of the most important jobs in the world. Below video is for all of you!



  Gunnel Svensson wrote @

Hej Maria!

Tack för din fina kommentar på min blogg! Jag har nu varit en vecka på Malta, och njutit. Av samvaron med Linnea, av allt nytt att se; kulturellt, historiskt och arkelogiskt. Naturen med sina kalkstensklippor och turkosblå vatten och sina blå grottor där jag har simmat!

Jag har läst din blogg förut men inte kommenterat. Jag tänker på dig mycket, ska du veta! Jag tror att din positiva syn på livet, din familj och dina vänner bär dig långt!

Kram Gunnel

  Kathy Higgins wrote @

Hi Maria,

Lance gave me your blog sight so that I could get caught up on what all has happened with you and so that you don’t have to tell this same story yet again. I think it is amazing all that you have been through and I can understand why you have so many questions. I really look forward to our time together and can’t wait to see the “heart store”in Haga and of course this movie that you are so crazy about!

Have a good week,

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