Svenska Hjärntumörföreningen

Just tell me where to sign the dotted line. “For everything else, there’s MasterCard”.

F i n a l l y I have an organisation to turn to for my primary brain tumour. My doctors, nurses and soon-to-enter-Maria’s life Psychologist, are all sweet. BUT(T) sometimes I feel I want to talk to someone who is actually going through a life crisis such as my own. Perhaps just to help me with the one phrase that just won’t leave my head, “why me, why not me, why me, why not me, why me, why not me…”. To the untrained eye it would probably be classed as aberration, dementia, derangement, lunacy, madness, mania… (all in alphabetical order). For me? Narnia.


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  Lance Higgins wrote @

Not sure if this really relates to your posting, but I’ve had the same phrase ‘why me, why not me’ repeating in my own mind about 20 years ago. It wasn’t a life-threatening illness that prompted this, but it’s when I began my relationsip with the God of the universe and I believed that Jesus died on the cross for ME. I just couldn’t understand how this great big God would care enough about me to leave heaven and enter my world and suffer just for my sake. I would just weep at the thought of how much God loved me. Sometimes I still do. God loves you, Maria.

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