For Morrie

On Friday my book club is meeting up and I am responsible for bringing in the desert.

 Erg Chebbi

Is there an easy way to remember the spelling of dessert? Even more, does anyone have a fabulous recipe, which I should add needs to be relatively fast and easy? I have Dana’s tiramisu recipe as well as her mother Daniela Ozik’s Lasagna recipe. Dana, I didn’t know that your Italian mother, who fed us her delicious lasagna after volley-ball practises and tournaments, is publishing cookbooks in JAPANESE! No wonder you needed some time to translate the recipe.

Do you remember how long it took for us to make the Tiramisu? Long enough to have time to discuss a marvelous book, such as Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom?




  livetsegentligheter wrote @

Det var jättesvårt att hitta dig Maria! I mitt frustrerande sökande började jag själv blogga! JA just det jag är Sofia från skåne m lilla hunden på spårvagnen du hade precis gjort en god gärning remember?Åhh vad glad jag blev att jag hittade dig! Kram SOfia

  Martin wrote @

Easy way to remember desert vs. dessert? What would you rather have more of? More s’s for a yummy dish.

  skablifrisk wrote @

See, without these sorts of “visual images”, I would never have made it through university. How about the spelling of weird/wierd, which is another one I have great difficulty with? The same goes for believe/beleive… Anyone?

(Sofia, ett mail är på väg).

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