2×10 mg Amitriptyline

Last night I tried the “stronger sleeping pills” my Neurologist prescribed to me the other day. The bottle looks pretty spacey with its plastic castle-like screw-on top. I still haven’t been given any pill bottles with safety lids during “the disease”. I remember in Toronto as an eight year-old that I could never get into my parents pill bottles for I couldn’t unscrew the caps. I used to hate that. I wanted to put the stuff into the magic potions my four year-old brother and I used to brew in the basement. To think of it, I wish I had kept a lab book during that time, for I didn’t know then that it was worth writing all experiments down as it could become useful for a publication in Nature. However, the magic was Tide (Via Colour) and earwigs (tvestjärtar). The earwigs needed to be ground first, though. I’m sure there are several methods for this, but my favourite was squashing the poor sods in a glass bowl with a second class bowl on top. My mother’s Peter BODUMs worked perfectly. And you all wonder why my brother and I are so clever? Because we didn’t OD on Tylenol!

Since around Easter I have started using the word Gehenna quite frequently. To better explain, I have included below explanation from JewishEncylopedia.com

The place where children were sacrificed to the god Moloch was originally in the “valley of the son of Hinnom,” to the south of Jerusalem (Josh. xv. 8, passim; II Kings xxiii. 10; Jer. ii. 23; vii. 31-32; xix. 6, 13-14). For this reason the valley was deemed to be accursed, and “Gehenna” therefore soon became a figurative equivalent for “hell.”

I like the more simpler explanation I was given by a friend, “Gehenna är en gammal soptipp i Jerusalem”. Same, same but different, as my husband would say. I’m not sure if I could blame my Saroten for the Gehenna yesterday night or just the fact that Maria slept less than four hours the night before. I protected a post as I was scared it would come across as too insane. However, if you are interested, the password is OK?


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