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I just checked my Fastmail email account and I love quotes like these,

“One of the slickest, most powerful e-mail systems on the planet”
The Sunday Times, London
“The world’s best email service provider”
The Sydney Morning Herald
“If you take your e-mail seriously, FastMail is the service for you”
PC World

I admit it. I am up to so much life “mischief” that I don’t have time to work. WHAT? No time to work, Maria? You who always loved running (or hiking with your back-pack set for Kebnekaise) to the office each day so you wouldn’t bust up your knees two weeks prior to your fairy-tale wedding.

 Kebne Vesslan 2004Kebne TentsKebne by day10 km/day

When I’m not outdoors with my cool “Vesslan” teen-age scouts (who are now leaders for their own ten-year-olds), I have nearly always loved filling my Outlook calendar with delicious project meetings, seminars, training-sessions, presentations at Toastmasters meetings, when to read up on new “Las Vegas” Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and perhaps even have a quick read on FDA’s homepage to see if any competitors (or any of my boss’) screwed up lately. Did you know that there is a Kid’s Site? I guess this is the FDA’s contribution to “stay away from drugs”, kids.

 Livsfarlig ledning

– Oh, and kids, don’t even think about doing ANY of what we mention on our real website at home, such as “FDA will hold a public hearing on the medication guide program with the goal of improving risk communication”? Or even better, “FDA announces that companies must stop marketing suppository products containing trimethobenzamide”. Damn, I wonder what I was given all those weeks ago. Trimethobenzamide? Now that must be lethal, at least.

Don’t die on me, Shrek. And if you see a long tunnel (containing trimethobenzamides), stay away from the light!”

I am keeping myself busy for my head hurts when I’m in bed. This is probably a really obnoxious non-Maria-like comment, but my husband has started having a more understanding attitude towards headaches, as of late.

If above comment or any other part of this blog screws up our marriage, I will be sending Marilyn Manson a little something through the post. Woops, bad move. After what I just wrote, I’ve probably got half the NSA looking for me (I’m flattered, but you still have to click on the really tiny text to enter the site.). Let me help them along by also typing the following words: [I am a(n)] Osama, Terrorist, Cho, Arafat, Weapons of Mass Destruction, (SWEDISH) Hans Blixt, bombs n’shit. Should I add that I have absolutely no clue about the NSA apart from what Dan Brown writes in one of his books? However, the first thing I read when entering their site was “Kids Page”. Now that’s where I’m heading to find out more about America’s “Future Codemakers and Codebreakers”. The film, Enigma, is also really good if you, like me, dig these sorts of things. There are also a number of really good museums in London such as the Imperial War Museum, Cabinet War Rooms and even the British Science Museum. Click here to see “An automated computing machine, designed to solve Nazi puzzles.”

Are horses blind?Kusin Harmoni

My day? I listened to this man who sang with JAVA Gospel at Betlehemskyrkan. Afterwards, I had tasty Chai tea at JAVA Kaffebar, an appropriate café for the occasion just next door. JAVA was a place I frequented during my IB years. Mårten, can you believe it? The owners are supposedly having trouble with the board (chairwoman) that “runs” the building. Supposedly, if she doesn’t stop hassling them with her lawyers, they’re bankrupt. If JAVA goes, who then are going to save future suicidal IB students? Krasnapolsky? I can’t even spell the name, least of all find the place.

During an inspirational moment after the Chris Harris & Java Gospel concert, I signed up for a Retreat running 23-24 May with the slogan “Att Lyssna till Själen i Klostermiljö” (I give in, translation: “To Listen to the Soul in a Monastery Setting”). It’s only 800 kr and run, among other, by someone who really inspired me today, Rev. Jalle Ahlström. Wish me luck, for this is a definite first.


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