Thank You For The Music

During the weekends I try to get away. I can’t run from my radiating weekdays by taking a well-needed holiday to Chiang Rai, but I may go to the country-side with my family and friends and just enjoy basic human contact. I have told some that I am certain that I would enjoy life living on Greenland or Svalbard as long as I have good people around me.


I still believe this. I just hope that there is enough time to continue making trips to exotic destinations. I have no interest in moving houses for my feet have stopped “itching” these past four years since returning home to Sweden, to my roots. As an “utlandssvensk” (gaijin-Swede), I am thankful to have roots, for so many of my contemporaries with similar experiences of having to move around every fifth year or so, don’t. My very wise parents decided to keep the house in Fiskebäck back in 1985 as we were “only” going to Canada for two years. We stayed close to five. Don’t ever take the chance and move to Canada for you may just find that you don’t want to leave. However, when an “exotic” destination such as Japan awaited, another move was hard to resist in my family.

Interestingly, my friends from when I was six years old, who I had to leave to become what has felt like an ailien registrar up until just four years ago, are still some of my closest friends today. Believe me, this (exotic?) trip would have been a thousand times harder without you all. Thank you for driving me to Sahlgrenska and then honouring me with some really great lunch afterwards. What I find incredible throughout these past 2.5 months is that I have also made two really good “new” friends, two people who I want to spend more time with for a million good reasons. Who would have thought that when you are diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour, the world continues to bless you with truly amazing people?

A special someone has been following my blog and picked up on my wish to be sent music so that I may travel for a while, even during my radiation therapy at Sahlgrenska. Martin, you didn’t include a return address, but thank you for the music. I love the CD you sent me – it’s perfect! Let us know next time you are in Sweden and bring your sister as well. Hey, bring the whole family! 🙂



  Martin wrote @

I’m glad you enjoyed the CD, may it serve you well in all your travels…

Including a return/e-mail address would have been a good idea! (With this post I believe you now have my e-mail?)

Ah, growing up abroad… Without the roots your parents kept one of the hardest questions might have been “Where is home?”. It took me twenty years to figure that one out. One of the best books I have ever read, and one which explained so much is Third Culture Kids. It is a brilliant book. Whether you have lived in just a few places or many, it’s a must read.


  Maria wrote @

I have added the book to my wish list (“önskelista”) mentioned in

I heard today that your mother may be coming to visit my parents. Looking forward to seeing her, if I’m in town that is. I may just be out canoeing and working on my outdoor survival techniques that weekend, if things go as planned. Come to think of it, she might want to come along?

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