You want to hear a secret? As it is my very own secret, I reckon it is OK to tell you all about it, right? Up until my illness started I really hated the evening press (kvällspressen). That included everything such as Aftonbladet (although their homepage is pretty amusing when bored at work), Expressen, The Evening Standard, Hello! Magazine, Se&Hör and the list goes on. Funnily, I have learned so much from these evening standards, such as more people will read my blog if I use a gory picture (I have about 14, so keep reading), use provocative headings/löpsedlar (such as “My First Kiss” and “Bumblefuck“). For example, here’s a Swedish article that really hit home: “Varför fick jag ingen hjälp” (Why didn’t I get any help?).

However, I am at the moment in quite a lot of debt to people around me. So if that means that I can kiss and make up by helping others, then so be it. Do you by any chance have an extra TV? I mean a big fat TV so that lost souls (mostly youths and the odd 28 year-old) can watch amazing movies and get some feedback to help them think how this may apply to themselves, i.e. to help them become critical thinkers? If yes, then e-mail Henrik Kristensson. Oh, and listen here! Henrik says “Vi kommer och hämtar TV hemma hos er.” If Henrik does come by and pick up the TV at your place, make him sign a contract that he must show the following three movies: Monty Python’s Life of Brian, The Da Vinci Code and Stigmata.

I would also like to thank all of MY saving angels out there who have helped me to think critically even if that still means that I remain a (non-scientific?) Christian who likes the NIV version of the Bible (although I haven’t read King James so I have no clue what I am on about). My list of humble thanks is long but distinguished. However, I would like to begin by thanking my record company (the Internet) and my ophthalmologist friend, Dr G. Bowler, for saving me from The International Church of Christ (ICC)(ICOC). Those six weeks were one of the most important lessons in my life. Today I prefer to go to Fiskebäcks Missionskyrka instead.


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