BRAVE New Scientist

What do you think in your own honest opinion?

Do coffee and cigarettes protect against Parkinson’s?

With that article in mind, to my next question, do coffee and cigarettes protect ME against cancer?

I shared a cigarette last week with my cousin Oskar, pretty much the only real author in the family (if you don’t count Gunnar Falkås who buried his book when it was published. Please Oskar, don’t bury your book for although I don’t understand a word of it, I know it’s genius from just talking to you. Just make sure to figure out what 9 inch is in centimeters, or was it vice versa?).

Smoking was surprisingly refreshing when sitting outside in the countryside in Ränne, although afterwards I STUNK LIKE SHIT. I haven’t done anything of the like since eating delicious crèpes and drinking FRENCH cider in Quartier Latin, in Paris 1997 with my own Norwegian Kate Moss and brilliant co-scientist, Cecilie Odden. And to think you hardly spoke a word of French then, yet communicated perfectly. You (we?) got the garcon (advice to you readers, don’t even think about calling men in restaurants “garcon” in France. Actually YES, please do!) to buy the cigarettes for us! I love you, my girlfriend.


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