Happy Easter Terrorists

It is one of my favourite times of year, Spring and Easter. I will be going away to my safe haven for a couple of days to just relax and spend “quality time” with people I love.

I have a “kaxig” friend who has helped me in spreading the good Christian word to you. I’m not sure if he would approve of my comment, but I am willing to take the risk. I can always delete posts that I regret.

(check out his blog entry from April 4th)

Last but not least, “Love all, serve all” (you are so right, Hard Rock Café, and that’s why my family loves your food. To think that even Eric Clapton “figured it out”. Very, very few people make me cry. Should I really wait for my tears in heaven?)




  Andreas E wrote @

Haha! Me, the atheist, helping spread the Christian word!? Ah, that might be the first time I ever did that… But what can I do. I just love that old freedom of speech. I love that not just us journalists can reach a big audience. In other words: It is an honour to be your technical blog advisor, Maria, just let me know if I can help in any other way!

  Maria wrote @

You can tell the world about your book(s). In my mind, a most important book that the entire world should have a chance to behold. You just need to get it translated into English, Hebrew & Arabic. The Swedes are starting to figure it out; at least my husband has. As a raving feminist, I for my part need to figure out how to ensure that it is HE and NOT ME that has to go through any future labour-pain and don’t even get me started on breast-feeding. Possible? “Natural”?


“Good Night and Good Luck”
(supposedly a good film, I read)

  Andreas E wrote @

Glad you like it! The paperback version will be out by June – but if any of you readers are the owner of a publishing company with international ambitions, let me know… So far, it’s only out in Swedish…


  skablifrisk wrote @

I found an interesting site this morning when researching “weddings”. Check out:


Now you “just” need to get “Hemliga AE” translated. I have (two or three) connections who may have some ideas of “companies with international ambitions”.

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