Swedes and Nobel

If nothing else, I have accomplished the perfect handbag. It is a black GUCCI leather back-pack (I know, I’m such a social superior) and it is just the right size to fit my digital camera, little black book and calendar, mobile, a foldable “sittunderlägg” (help me guys, what’s the word in English?), keys, chewing gum, a couple of business cards (not my own), folded up pieces of paper, Pearl & Shine lip balm, a “lucky charm” and  I have just enough room for one more “thing”, which depends on the situation. Usually it is a book, but I can squeeze other thing(s) in there as well. Best of all, the handbag doesn’t even look that big and it is hardly in the way. I need to add a few things, though. Alvedon and sun-glasses. I need to invest in a new pair and I am thinking of getting clips. I should buy another round of contact lenses but at the moment it just feels like too much hassle. Besides, I need to keep my eyes closed for about 15 minutes every day. I also want to get a really hot sun tan (head excluded) this year, which I haven’t had since 1996 for various reasons. Contacts can wait.

Although I don’t want to admit it I have another AE to add to my experience list. This is something really strange. I am currently very tired, but I am not sleepy. How is that possible? It’s like coming home after a long days work, but I’m on sick-leave! My only worry at the moment is making people I love happy. It’s actually a nice “worry” to have even though I think Hannah M in her comment has a point. I need to allow myself to be selfish. We all have different ways of being selfish, though. I feel incredibly selfish and almost as if I am taking advantage of people around me. However, I have spent so much time “networking” these past years. I don’t have the energy to network now. It is a nice feeling to see that the network comes to me and I don’t even need to ask at the moment.

For what it’s worth, the weather here in Gothenburg has lately been incredibly beautiful and “warm” (we don’t even need to blow up the ice with dynamite before we go swimming). In other words, I can more or less throw out “sittunderlaget” to make tons of room for other things, such as my wallet.


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